LGO: Making a house a home – Local authorities and disabled adaptations: local housing authorities have a statutory duty to provide help for major adaptations to disabled people’s homes, which is usually done by a housing authority providing a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG). This focus report highlights some of the complaints it receives when the DFG process goes wrong, and the significant impact this can have on people’s daily lives. The report gives good practice guidance to local authorities to improve their grant allocation schemes. It also offers elected members questions they can ask to scrutinise their own grants processes to ensure that the problems investigated do not surface in their authorities. (31 March 2016)

London Housing Commission: Building a new deal for London: this report proposes a new deal to secure essential powers and resources for the London Mayor and boroughs, and a programme of immediate actions to start to redress the crisis in London housing. It argues that the next Mayor of London and the 33 boroughs should join forces to strike a major devolution deal with central government. They should commit to increase supply to 50,000 homes p.a. by the end of the decade, to ensure that London has sufficient affordable housing for citizens of all income levels, and to eliminate poor conditions in the rented market. In return, the government should give London significant new freedoms to control its own planning, borrowing and taxes. (7 March 2016)