As we previously reported, the field of Internet of Things ("IoT") continues to attract the attention  of multiple regulatory authorities. A recent report suggests that Federal agencies are increasing efforts to counter cybersecurity threats to devices and wearables connected to the Internet.

The Food and Drug Administration has intensified its attention on medical device cybersecurity in the field of IoT. The FDA published cybersecurity guidelines providing non-binding recommendations to medical device manufacturers, including positioning cybersecurity as an integral component in the design and development process.

Last year, the FTC published a Staff Report on IoT with the headline – "Privacy and Security in a Connected World". In the report, the FTC provided recommendations for companies to ensure that their products, including medical devices, have built-in security features from the outset.

It seems that this trend of cybersecurity awareness within the IoT industry is only gathering momentum, where enforcement actions are currently limited but will be destined to become more prominent. Relevant companies should keep a close eye on future regulatory and compliance developments.