1. Cosmotrade SA v Kairos Shipping Ltd (the ATLANTIK CONFIDENCE)1 Limitation fund may be constituted by Club LOU.
  2. St Maximus Shipping Co. Ltd v A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S (the MAERSK NEUCHATEL)2 GA guarantee on terms “pay now, argue later”.
  3. Owners of the Astipalia v owners/demise charterers of Hanjin Shenzhen (the HANJIN SHENZHEN)3 Assessment of damages for loss of use following collision – knock on loss of use.
  4. Waterdance Ltd v Kingston Marine Services4 Measure of damages for diminution of value of vessel/cost of repairs.
  5. Geden v Dry Bulk (the BULK URUGUAY5 No anticipatory breach by Disponent owners where head owners’ consent was required to transit GOA.
  6. Global Maritime Investments Cyprus Limited v Gorgonia di Navigazione6 Maintenance of freezing order and discussion of asset disclosure obligations.
  7. American Overseas Marine Corporation v Golar Commodities Limited (the LNG GEMINI)7 Injurious cargo – requirement of damage to the vessel.
  8. NYK Bulkship (ATLANTIC) NV v Cargill International SA (the GLOBAL SANTOSH)8  Appeal decision – whether vessel off hire when arrested – allocation of risk.
  9. Yemgas FZCO v Superior Pescadores SA Panama (the SUPERIOR PESCADORES)9 Cargo Claim – Hague/Hague Visby Rules package limitation – can you pick and choose the higher limit?.
  10. Yuzhny Zavod Metall Profil LLC v EEMS Beheerder B.V (the EEMS SOLA)10 Appeal decision – strike out, security for costs and “significant intervention” issue
  11. Trafigura Beheer BV v Navigazione Montanari SpA (the VALLE DI CORDOBA)11 Cargo loss due to piracy – claim under In Transit Loss clause
  12. Assuranceforeningen Gard Gjensidig v The International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund (the NISSOS AMORGOS)12 Claim by P&I Club against IOPC 71 Fund and obtaining freezing order over assets.
  13. Feest v South West SHA CELTIC PIONEER13 Athens Convention and time bar.
  14. Brockton Capital LLP v Atlantic-Pacific Capital, Inc.14 Rare successful appeal under section 68 Arbitration Act – serious irregularity.
  15. The post-Jackson and post-Mitchell landscape with reference to the cases of: Lakatamia Shipping v Nobu Su15 and Summit Navigation v Generali Romania Asigurare Reasigurare SA16 The Court of Appeal Denton v White judgment earlier this month in three conjoined appeals17 has provided guidance on how the courts will now approach applications of this kind.