Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor announced the asonablenesGuidelines Concerning Non-Competition Agreements between Employers and Employees” on Oct 5, 2015. Highlights include: (1) a non-competition agreement governing the conduct of an employee after termination of employment may only be entered into if the employer has trade secrets, intellectual property rights or other rights protected by law, and if the employee is in a position to be in contact with or use the trade secrets or other advanced technologies sought to be protected; (2) the period of non-competition shall not exceed 2 years, and the geographic scope should be limited to the area of the employer’s business operations; (3) the types of jobs included in the non-competition scope, as well as the potential future employers precluded by the non-competition agreement, should be sufficiently specific; and (4) the employer shall make reasonable compensation to the employee; the compensation should be at least half of the employee’s average monthly salary immediately preceding the termination of employment; and any payment made during the employee’s employment cannot replace or be considered as compensation.