The government’s draft law on a new Federal Data Protection Act, based on the EU General Data Protection Regulation, has received much criticism from experts in a recent hearing of the Committee for the Interior of the Bundestag. The Federal Data Protection Commissioner, Andrea Voßhoff, particularly criticised the draft for its limitation of the rights of data subjects to information and objection, its reduced control rights of supervisory authorities even towards the Federal Intelligence Service and its overly federalist stipulations on the representation of German supervisory authorities within the European Data Protection Board. Among others, the former Federal Data Protection Commissioner, Peter Schaar, was invited as an expert. Schaar stated that Germany, as the first country in the world to adopt a data protection act, has a reputation which it may lose with the government’s draft law. In particular, Schaar criticised the draft law for weakening the right of data protection authorities to control the privacy compliance of persons subject to professional secrecy