Late last month, EIOPA published a number of documents in relation to Solvency II.  These included a consultation on updated draft advice to the European Commission on third country equivalence assessments for Switzerland, Bermuda, and Japan. That consultation closed on 23 January 2014. A decision by the European Commission is expected during 2015 as to whether the regimes concerned are equivalent for the purpose of Solvency II. Additionally, EIOPA published a note to assist navigation through the reporting and disclosure requirements of the second set of Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) and Guidelines published for public consultation on 2 December 2014 (in particular, CP-14/052 on templates for the submission of information to national supervisors). The note identifies changes made to templates and logs published in July 2012 and the rationale for these. Comments on CP-14/052 are invited until 2 March 2015. Finally, EIOPA published a consultation paper (CP-14/058) on draft ITS regarding the equity index for the symmetrical adjustment on the equity capital charge. Comments are also invited until 2 March 2015.