On August 15, 2013, the Commission issued a Notice of Final Determination Finding a Violation of Section 337 in Certain Electronic Digital Media Devices and Components Thereof, Inv. No. 337-TA-796.  The Commission determined that an appropriate remedy is a limited exclusion order and cease and desist order excluding certain Samsung smartphones that infringe Apple’s ’949 “touch screen” patent and ’501 patent directed to a receptable switch for plug detection.  The Notice states that the orders do not apply to Samsung’s adjudicated design around products found not to infringe the ’949 and ’501 patents as identified in the Commission’s final determination.  A public version of the Commission’s final determination is required to issue within 30 days pursuant to Rule 210.5(f).  The Commission also determined that Apple did not prove a violation for alleged infringement of Apple’s asserted D’678 and D’757 design patents and ’972 and ’697 utility patents.  The Commission’s final determination is now subject to the 60-day Presidential Review Period after having received extensive public interest submissions from, among others, Congressmen and Congresswoman Eva M. Clayton, who opposed an exclusionary remedy because it may widen the “digital divide”, and Google, opposing an exclusionary remedy, because, inter alia, “the accused functionalities found to infringe are exceedingly small relative to the complex products within which they are found.”