On April 19, the CFPB proposed a rule to amend and clarify certain provisions of its final qualified mortgage rule and final mortgage servicing rule. The proposal addresses (i) preemption issues with regard to Regulation X’s servicing provisions, (ii) the small servicer exemption from certain of the new servicing standards, (iii) the use of government-sponsored enterprise and federal agency purchase, guarantee, or insurance eligibility for determining qualified mortgage status, and (iv) the determination of debt and income for purposes of originating qualified mortgages. With regard to small servicers, the proposal would clarify which mortgage loans to consider in determining small servicer status and the application of the small servicer exemption to servicer/affiliate and master servicer/subservicer relationships. It would exclude from consideration mortgage loans voluntarily serviced for an unaffiliated entity without remuneration, reverse mortgages, and mortgage loans secured by a consumer’s interest in timeshare plans. With regard to debt-to-income ratio assessments for purposes of offering qualified mortgages, the rule would amend language related to employment record and income, obtaining business credit reports and other issues related to self-employed borrowers, and the treatment of Social Security and rental income.