On April 12, 2018, the International Trade Administration (ITA), Department of Commerce (Commerce) published in the Federal Register a notice [corrected Docket No.: ITA-2018-0001*] that the ITA is seeking information to support the development of a comprehensive strategy to address trade-related forced localization policies, practices, and measures impacting the U.S. information and communications technology (ICT) hardware manufacturing industry. Comments will be used to support the development of a holistic strategic plan for counteracting and deterring the expansion of barriers to trade and trade-related measures put in place by U.S. trading partners that are specifically designed to localize the production and technology development of ICT hardware, and unfairly harm U.S. ICT hardware manufacturers and exports. [*Note: Docket No. corrected in FR on 04-18-18.]

Written comments, in English, must be submitted by one of the methods set forth in the Federal Register notice on or before May 14, 2018.