[2009] LTLPI 22.06.09

Claimant (88 years old) attended Defendant Trust’s hospital following a fall. Claimant was sent home following x-rays with advice she had suffered simply bruising to the leg. She continued to experience pain and was readmitted two days later when hip fracture was diagnosed. She received hemiarthoplasty the following day but required a Girdlestone procedure three days later because it was identified that the hip prosthesis was penetrating the shaft of the thighbone.

Claimant alleged negligent delay in diagnosis of her hip fracture caused her two days of unnecessary pain and suffering and errors in the hemiarthoplasty procedure led to its failure and the need for a further operation, rendering her significantly disabled and immobile due to the resultant leg length discrepancy. Claimant also argued her physiotherapy and general rehabilitation following the procedure was inadequate. Liability admitted.

Out of court settlement £72,000 (estimated General Damages £37,000).