On 8 October 2015 the Verkhovna Rada preliminary approved a set of draft laws aiming at reforming enforcement of judgments in Ukraine. These draft laws are now to be further discussed in the Ukrainian parliament soon.

As provided in the draft laws, enforcement of judgments in Ukraine will be carried out by the officers of the State Executive Service of Ukraine, as well as the private enforcement officers. There is a comprehensive list of powers, rights and duties of private enforcement officers. In addition, the list of judgments, which cannot be enforced by the private enforcement officers, is specified, and it includes, inter alia, judgments where the debtor is the state, or state or local authorities, their officials, state or communal entities, etc.

Also, among the main novelties introduced by the draft laws are establishment of a Unified Register of Debtors, extension of the list of judgments subject to enforcement procedure and introduction of a possibility to sell the arrested property at electronic auction.