The G-20 affirmed in its communiqué released at the close of the London Summit 2009 the commitment of the members to strengthening financial supervision and regulation and to better international cooperation to build a globally consistent supervisory and regulatory framework. They also issued a Declaration, entitled “Strengthening the Financial System,” in which the G20 agreed that all systemically important financial institutions, markets, and instruments should be subject to an appropriate degree of regulation and oversight. In particular, hedge funds or their managers should be registered and should be required to disclose appropriate information on an ongoing basis to supervisors or regulators, including on their leverage, necessary for assessment of the systemic risks that they pose individually or collectively. Where appropriate, registration should be subject to a minimum size. A mechanism should be developed by the end of 2009 for cooperation and information sharing between relevant authorities in order to ensure that effective oversight is maintained where a fund is located in a different jurisdiction from the manager.