The State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China (SIPO) disclosed the data relating to PPH from Nov. 1, 2011 (on which SIPO started accepting foreign PPH applications) to Dec. 31, 2014. By Dec. 31, 2014, SIPO accepted 9,587 PPH applications from foreign countries, especially the year 2014 has an increase of 20%. The average cycle of one PPH case from filing to first office action is 2.5 months. The average closing cycle from PPH fil-ing to final decision is 10.1 months. The patents applicants from Japan and the USA contribute most of the SIPO PPH cases.

[PPH Contracting Countries with SIPO]

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[Number of SIPO PPF Applicatins from Foreign Contries by Year] PPH:7398, PCT-PPH:2189.

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[Number of SIPO PPF Applicatins from Foreign Contries by country] SIPO PPH Applications fron Japan: 59%.

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[Average number of OS fro Regular PPH Applications]

PPH Applications can reduce the times of OA. For PPH applications in the USA, the average number is 2.62, but for nonPPH applications, the average number is 3.7.

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[Technical Distribution of PPH Cases Accepted by the SIPO(IPC)]

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