In proceedings for breach of confidence, the UK High Court has ordered that computers and other electronic devices belonging to ex- employees and their new employer be inspected and, most notably, any confidential information found on them belonging to the former employer be deleted. The High Court has never before made an order requiring deletion in these circumstances. Factors which persuaded the court to make this order in the absence of previous judicial authority included the fact that the ex-employees had admitted knowingly using their former employer’s confidential information. The evidence showed a “high degree of subterfuge” in the use of this information and that the ex-employees could not be trusted to delete the information themselves. This is a useful decision for employers to know about. It is particularly noteworthy as the order for deletion was made in the context of an interim injunction. There had been no decision on the merits of the case, although the court was satisfied that the former employer was likely to succeed in its breach of confidence claim.