Two years on from the date GDPR came into force, we still have little in the way of industry codes of practice to provide that all-important benchmark and interpretation of what compliance should look like in practice. It's frustrating to say the least.

I've therefore relished the opportunity to be centrally involved in the creation of this Code with the European Gaming & Betting Association. The online gambling sector presents some unique privacy issues (problem gambling data, VIPs, player fraud etc) that there has been little steer on to date so this is a great step forwards to help companies and players know what to do and expect.

This isn't just guidance but a fully fledged code of practice with monitoring framework. It will be great to see this come to fruition and more gambling companies sign up.

More codes please!

EGBA demonstrates commitment to GDPR with sectoral code of conduct for data protection 10.06.2020 New Code establishes rules and best practices to strengthen data protection in the online gambling sector and is one of Europe’s first sector-specific initiatives to support compliance with the GDPR.…