Womble Carlyle’s Economic Development Digest aggregates news, opportunities and legislation impacting business in the United States. In this week's Economic Development Digest: 


In California, some refineries are reforming how they do business.

The California State Board of Equalization has adopted a sales and use tax regulation addressing the partial exemption enacted by 2013 AB 93 2013 STT 135-8: Final State Legislation for manufacturing and research and development equipment to provide definitions, explain when the partial exemption applies, and provide the partial exemption certificate.

The California Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development has released a revised reference guide for applicants to the California Competes Tax Credit program.


Florida voters in November will have three amendments to the Florida Constitution for voters to consider. One of the amendments, the Water and Land Conservation Initiative, dedicates funds to acquire and restore Florida conservation and recreation lands, requiring 33 percent of the net revenue collected from the documentary stamp tax over the next 20 years to go toward the Land Acquisition Trust Fund.


Nevada enacts legislation to benefit Tesla Motors’ $5 billion factory.

Property and sales tax breaks to lure Tesla to Nevada are said to exceed $1 billion (for the $5 billion project).

North Carolina

North Carolina Governor McCrory did not bring the legislature back to address economic development issues, including incentives designed to attract and retain the North Carolina film industry.

South Carolina

In Charleston, South Carolina, builders and planners see combining high-density housing, retail and offices as gaining popularity, while locals express concerns over the quality of schools, transportation issues and lack of parking.


Candidate for Lieutenant Governor in Texas promotes his pro-industry track record in the legislature as a focus of his campaign.


Virginia is changing the way transportation projects will receive funding.

The Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board hosts an open house and public forum soliciting feedback on Virginia’s six-year plan to prioritize Virginia’s transportation projects.