On December 15, 2015 the Legislative Yuan passed the Statute of Adjustment Assistance in Response to Trade Liberalization, aiming to cope with disruptive effects of trade liberalization on industries arising from free trade agreements that may be concluded by the government in the near future.  The gist of the Statute includes: (1) the Statute is applicable to the agricultural, industrial and services industries; (2) the government will proactively identify and provide adjustment assistance to those domestic demand-oriented industries and industries with weaker competitiveness; (3) enterprises and workers adversely impacted as a result of market liberalization are eligible for adjustment assistance and grants administered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs; (4) a fund of NT$10 billion (US$302.79 million) for the adjustment assistance will be allocated over a 10-year period.  The Act has been in force since December 30, 2015.