The Commissioner’s office has recently provided the following schedule for the upcoming move of TDEC’s Central Offices to the William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower, also known as the Tennessee Tower.

July 10th Commissioner’s Office
July 12th Office of General Counsels
  Office of Policy and Planning
  Office of Sustainable Practice
July 19th Division of Air Pollution Control
  Division of Radiological Health
  Division of Solid Waste Management (director’s office, administrative staff and Hazardous Waste Program)
  Division of Remediation
July 26th Division of Water Resources except State Revolving Fund Loan Program
August 9th Division of Geology
  Division of Underground Storage Tanks
  Division of Solid Waste Management (SW Technical and SW Assistance)
  Division of Water Resources – State Revolving Fund Loan Program

For a period of time before and after each of these moves, the Central Office files will be somewhat unavailable for review. Division staff have recommended that file reviews be scheduled through the appropriate field office until the moves are complete.

The TELL Environmental Directory will be updated from time to time to include the new addresses for these offices and Divisions, which should be completed by mid-August. Please refer back to our blog to download an updated Directory.

Additional information related to TDEC’s move can be found here.