The use of the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) new iCERT system for certification of Labor Condition Applications (LCA) became mandatory for employers on July 1, 2009. Recently, many employers have reported receiving email notifications from the iCERT system stating that the company’s LCA has been denied due to an inaccuracy in the application. The most frequent error that employers report receiving is a notification stating that the employers’ Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) can not be verified by the DOL. In such cases, the iCERT system asks the employer to provide additional documentation to verify the employer’s FEIN with the denial notice. After the additional documentation has been provided by the DOL, the employer is notified via email regarding the status of the verification. If employers receive such denials, they must report this information to our office immediately so that we can take steps to provide the necessary documentation to the DOL. Submission of FEIN verification documentation is required prior to submitting a new LCA. The DOL will not reconsider the previous denial. Employers will have to resubmit a new LCA for any previously denied application once it has received notification from the DOL that its FEIN verification was satisfactory. The DOL has stated that once the employer’s verification has been completed, it should not be required to undergo the verification process again.