October - personal accounts - Deadline

Automatic enrolment for personal accounts.

Likely to be 2012 - protected rights - Relaxation

Protected rights to be abolished.

Probably 2012/13 levy (at the earliest) - PPF levy

Basis of levy calculation likely to change.


Between tax years 2010/11 and 2015/16 - lifetime and annual allowances

Tax regime lifetime and annual allowances to be frozen.

6 April - contribution tax relief

Restrictions on pension contribution tax relief for those earning £150,000 or more (note, interim restrictions were introduced on 22 April 2009).

5 April - A-Day Transitional Provisions - Deadline

Transitional provisions (extending continued application of old Inland Revenue limits) expire.


State Pension Age

State Pension Age to increase for women (phased) to age 65 (further increases for men and women planned for the future).


23 September - employer related investments

Certain remaining exemptions from 5% cap on employer related investments to be removed.

6 April - earliest retirement age

Age 55 becomes earliest retirement age (subject to exemptions) allowed by HMRC for registered pension schemes.

6 April - financial support directions

Look-back period for financial support directions increased to 24 months (phased introduction of increase from 12 months to 24 months will start from 6 April 2009).

6 April - consultation by employers

Proposal that from this date employers with defined benefit schemes will need to consult affected members when proposing to change the scheme definition of pensionable earnings.

April (target date) - disclosure

Limited consolidation/deregulation of disclosure requirements likely to be introduced.


By the end of 2009 - conflicts of interest - Consultation

Actuarial profession likely to issue proposals on conflicts of interest.

December 2009 - mortality assumptions - Deadline

New regulatory approach to mortality assumptions in scheme valuations (mostly for recovery plans submitted from about December 2009; applies for valuations with effective dates from 22 September 2008 onwards).

1 December - trivial commutation - Relaxation

Extra, alternative, situations where trivial commutation to be available, irrespective of member's benefits in other schemes (for payments made on or after 1 December).

24 November - ombudsman limitation periods

Appeal listed (from Pensions Ombudsman's decision in Ralph complaint) concerning impact of limitation periods on Ombudsman's jurisdiction.

Closes on 2 October - Equitable Life - Consultation

Any comments in response to John Chadwick's interim report on Equitable Life compensation must be submitted by this date.

25 September - age discrimination  

Heyday v Secretary of State judgment handed down.

24 September - personal accounts - Consultation

Personal Accounts regulations consultation (Pack two) published - compliance regime.

18 September - debt on employer - Consultation

Proposed changes to section 75 debt on employer legislation published for consultation.

1 September - statutory money purchase illustrations - Deadline

Statutory money purchase illustrations must take account of future abolition of protected rights and change linking NI rebates to the upper accrual point.

Probably September - Local Government Pension Scheme

Local Government Pension Scheme (Management and Investment of Funds) (Consolidation) Regulations 2009 likely to be finalised.

Probably September - Local Government Pension Scheme - Consultation

Guidance on Local Government Pension Scheme admitted body status provisions due to be published.

Closed 7 August - personal accounts - Consultation

PADA consultation on personal accounts investments.

Closed 31 July - agency workers - Consultation

BERR Agency Workers Directive consultation.

Closed 20 July - personal accounts - Consultation

Personal Accounts regulations consultation (Pack one) - the detailed employer duties and personal accounts scheme rules.

17 July - trustee knowledge and understanding

Revised draft trustee knowledge and understanding Code of Practice laid (to come into effect 'later' in 2009).

Closed 17 July - Equitable Life - Consultation

John Chadwick's initial proposals for Equitable Life compensation scheme.

16/17 July - age discrimination

Heyday v Secretary of State - High Court hearing.

13 July - age discrimination  

Age discrimination claim brought in Court of Appeal about compulsory retirement at age 65 (claimant: Seldon).

8 July - equalisation

Foster Wheeler judgment available.

In force 1 July 2009 (effective 6 April 2009) - wind-ups - Relaxation

Pensions reduced during scheme wind-up (due to underfunding) no longer required to all be reduced at same rate in order to remain authorised.

5pm on 30 June - PPF levy - Deadline  

Deadline for certification of material block transfers.

29 June - contribution notices

Material Detriment Code comes into effect (although powers retrospective to 14 April 2008).

19 June - mortality rates - Consultation

Actuarial Profession issues for consultation a new model to project future mortality rates.

7 June - VAT

Directions hearing in Wheels/NAPF VAT case.

8 May - trivial commutation/payments made in error

Registered Pension Schemes (Authorised Payments) Regulations laid (trivial commutation changes introduced for payments made on or after 1 December 2009; changes concerning payments made in error effective from 6 April 2006).

Closed 6 May - disclosure - Consultation

Disclosure - proposals for limited consolidation/deregulation.

24 April - discrimination

Equality Bill introduced.

22 April - pension contribution tax relief

Interim restrictions on higher rate tax relief for those earning £150,000 or more who attempt to increase their pension contributions.

5pm on 7 April - PPF levy - Deadline

Deadline for notification of material block transfers taking place up to 31 March 2009.

5pm on 7 April - PPF levy - Deadline

Deadline for certification of deficit reduction contributions.

6 April - upper accrual point

Entitlement to S2P, contracted-out rebates and minimum contributions (for people with appropriate personal pension) to be calculated by reference to the new upper accrual point.

6 April - notifiable events

Certain events no longer notifiable events (eg, change in employer's credit rating).

6 April - financial support directions

Look-back period for financial support directions starts to increase in monthly phases (so that will be 24 months from 6 April 2010).

6 April - safeguarded rights - Relaxation

Safeguarded rights abolished.

6 April - GMPs - Relaxation

Ability to convert GMPs made available.

6 April - member-nominated directors - Relaxation

Member-nominated directors exemption extended to cover boards where at least one trustee has just independent directors and at least another trustee doesn't.

6 April - revaluation - Relaxation

Possibility of schemes reducing revaluation cap in line with legislation to 2.5% for future service (PPF compensation also based on revised cap).

6 April - statutory overrides - Relaxation

Statutory overrides made available for future service changes concerning caps for revaluation and/or indexation.

6 April - enhanced/primary protection - Deadline

Deadline for registration for enhanced/primary protection.

6 April - pension credit benefit - Relaxation

Pension credit benefit restrictions eased for early retirement and lump sums.

6 April - consultation by employers

Pensions Regulator able to fine employers who fail to consult members without reasonable excuse.

5pm on 31 March - PPF levy - Deadline

Deadline for certification/re-certification of contingent assets.

Closed 10 March - flexible retirement - Consultation

Flexible retirement is the subject of a DWP consultation.

5 March - age discrimination

Heyday v Secretary of State ECJ age discrimination ruling.

28 January - trivial commutation/payments made in error - Relaxation

HM Revenue & Custms publishes statement confirming no penalties for acting in line with draft Registered Pension Schemes (Authorised Payments) Regulations.

26 January - scheme funding

Pensions Regulator acquires power to intervene where scheme funding technical provisions have been improperly determined.

15 January - Equitable Life

Government responds to the Parliamentary Ombudsman's Report into regulation of Equitable Life.

9 January - record-keeping

Pensions Regulator publishes record-keeping guidance.