In the last decade, more people have moved further away from their work culminating in each of us spending, on average, one working day per fortnight travelling to and from work, making Britain the commuting capital of Europe.

The RAC Foundation calculated that, of the 25 million UK people who commute to work each day, 18 million go by car with a large majority of those journeys taking place during the morning and evening rush hours. Together with public transport commuting this has lead to rising congestion and stress levels.

Norman Baker, the Transport Minister, has suggested that alongside road, rail, air and water, there is a fifth mode for transport - communication. Utilising new technologies, allowing more staff to work from home and in other flexible ways and staggering working hours would help to reduce the numbers of people commuting in peak rush hours. Businesses could not only reduce their costs and environmental footprint, but also improve their output.

Would this work for your business?