Royal Decree-law 3/2016 of 2 December on the adoption of diverse reform measures affecting the tax and employment fi elds. With regard to employment, several new provisions are to be introduced for 2017: revision of maximum Social Security contributions and an increase in the minimum wage.

Royal Decree-law 3/2016 of 2 December adopting taxation measures aimed at consolidating public finances and other urgent employment measures

By way of said legal text, various tax and employment measures are adopted for the purpose of consolidating public fi nances and creating jobs. The employment measures implemented by the Decree-law are:

1. A 3% increase for 2017 of the maximum Social Security contribution bases under the established regimes. With regard to the maximum Social Security contribution bases, this revision means an increase from EUR 3,642 to 3,751.26 per month, and from EUR 121.40 to 125.04 per day.

2. Moreover, the sole additional provision of the Royal Decree-law commands the government to increase the minimum wage for 2017 by 8% with respect to the minimum set by Royal Decree 1171/2015 of 29 December on the minimum wage for 2016. Said increase means the following: a) Annually: from EUR 9,172.80 to 9,906.62; b) Monthly: EUR 655.20 to 707.62; c) Daily: EUR 21.84 to 23.58. The increase shall be applied to the minimum wages appearing in all collective agreements in force, as well as nonState regulations and private contracts, for the purpose of preventing inequality.