On October 8, Freddie Mac issued Bulletin 2013-20, which (i) announces tools and systems that provide estimates of property value generated by Freddie Mac’s proprietary automated property valuation model and (ii) updates requirements related to disclosure of property valuation information. Freddie Mac explains that its property value estimates can help sellers/servicers identify potentially inflated appraised values that may need additional review early in the origination process and also can be used to determine property values for Freddie Mac modifications or refinances, but that use of the valuation information may impact seller/servicers’ obligation to comply with the revised valuation disclosure requirements finalized by the CFPB earlier this year. For sellers, the Bulletin states that Freddie Mac will be adding disclaimers about the property value estimate, and provides additional options for system-to-system users. For servicers, Freddie Mac plans to provide supporting text for use in complying with the new disclosure requirements and to provide to borrowers. The Bulletin identifies certain other changes related to the use of property valuation data.