The global clean tech sector is showing strong signs of recovery, after valuations for leading listed clean tech companies climbed $26 billion during the last financial year. The global figures come from new research by Ernst & Young (EY), which analyses 424 companies that derive more than half of their total value from clean energy. The report calculates that the companies employed 512,500 people and boasted a combined market capitalization of $170 billion as of April 2013, up 18% on the close of the previous financial year. The financial services firm’s Cleantech Industry Performance 2013 report confirms growing demand for clean energy in the Asian-Pacific region is driving much of the improvement in the market. Growing corporate demand for energy efficiency improvements meant the number of public pure-play firms focused on the efficiency sector jumped 14% to 50, with total market capitalization rising 25% to $34.6 billion. Gil Forer, EY’s global cleantech leader, said the report confirmed that the global cleantech sector has shifted back into a growth phase, citing resource scarcity, energy security concerns, population growth and increasing consumption as growth drivers.1