As an extension of the duty of site owners to people who enter their site as trespassers, Lovell Partnerships have been fi ned £75k after a seven-year-old gained access to a fl at roof of a development via scaffolding which had been left in place for too long at a development in Tyne and Wear. Although the lower ladder had been removed, the court heard that the scaffold was required for just half an hour but was left up unattended for 12 days. People were able to jump onto the structure from balconies on either side of the scaffolding or by climbing up the fi rst section of scaffold. A group of children subsequently made a den on the roof of the building. Lovell Partnership admitted breach of section 3(1) of the HSWA and was fi ned £75k with £46,109 costs. The HSE reminded contractors of the risks of children being attracted to building sites as a place to play and the need to ensure that access was prevented.