Paid canvassers for the Oregon Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp recently walked off their jobs and launched a strike against the non-profit, complaining about bounced paychecks and seeking written agreements to be paid $15 an hour. ("Hey – it's now the minimum wage in Seattle!") The striking pot-canvassers, who joined with the Industrial Workers of the World, launched a phone campaign against their employer and held demonstrations on the street in front of its office, along with Jobs With Justice and other labor groups in the Portland area. An official of the non-profit reportedly "screamed and swore" at the strikers, asserting the non-profit was a "real grassroots campaign." Apparently the grass roots were easily replanted: the non-profit promptly replaced the striking canvassers. The strike against this "joint" employer is probably not a "high" point for labor supporters in left-leaning Portlandia.