A Regulation laying down strict conditions for the import of live captive birds, such as parrots and macaws, has been adopted by the EU. The new rules aim to protect the health and welfare of imported birds in the EU. Given the high risk of infection from wild birds, only birds bred in captivity and in approved breeding establishments will be allowed to enter the EU – and only from countries which have already been approved for the importation of live poultry into the EU. Controls in the exporting country will have to prove the absence of Newcastle disease and avian influenza (including the fact of no vaccination against avian influenza). All imported birds will have to be individually identifiable through a leg-ring or microchip. A minimum 30 day quarantine period in an officially approved centre will be required for all imported captive birds. The new rules will not apply to certain types of birds, including commercial poultry and pet birds accompanying their owners, as these are already covered by separate EU legislation. The Regulation will apply from 1 July 2007.