EPA has released its 2012 renewable fuel standards. The total amount of renewable fuels required in the nation’s motor fuel supply in 2012 would be increased over the 2011 standards. The proposed 2012 standards are (i) cellulosic biofuel—3.45 million to 12.9 million gallons; (ii) biomass-based diesel—1 billion gallons; (iii) advanced biofuel—2 billion gallons; and (iv) renewable fuel—15.2 billion gallons. The 2011 volume requirements are 6.6 million gallons for cellulosic biofuel, 800 million gallons for biomass-based diesel, 1.35 billion gallons for advanced biofuel, and 13.95 billion gallons for renewable fuel. Under section 211(0) of the Clean Air Act, EPA is required to set annual standards under the Renewable Fuel Standard program each November for the following year based on gasoline and diesel projections from the Energy Information Administration. Comments on the proposal, which will be published in the Federal Register, will be accepted until August 11, 2011.