Clinical negligence solicitor Fiona Huddleston has recovered compensation for Ms R who suffered injury to her foot as a result of negligent surgery.

Ms R developed bilateral hallux valgus which was particularly worse in her left foot and underwent cuneiform joint fusion of the first metatarsal of the left foot.

She continued to experience pain and obtained a second opinion which indicated that the metatarsal had been cut too short during surgery.

Ms R subsequently underwent further surgery however continued to suffer from pain and swelling and was very unhappy with the appearance of her foot. As such, approximately 4 years after the initial surgery, Ms R had to go undergo a third operation. The corrective surgery helped to reduce the pain and swelling however Ms R remains in discomfort and unable to wear high heels. It has been advised that Ms R will need further surgery at some point.

Leigh Day received an early admission of liability from the NHS Trust responsible for Ms R’s care following which investigations were undertaken to quantify the value of the claim. During this time Fiona obtained interim payments for Ms R to fund the further surgery that was required.

Fiona secured a final settlement of £120,000 for Ms R which included claims for pain and suffering, gratuitous care provided by Ms R’s family and a loss of earnings. The compensation also provided for further private medical treatment and specialist footwear for Ms R.

Fiona added:

“My client has suffered greatly as a result of the injury she endured. She has had to undergo further surgery and long periods of recovery. I am pleased to be able to recover compensation that will reimburse my client for the expenses that she has already incurred and enable her to access further treatment and aids so that she can return to the activities she previously enjoyed and minimise her levels of discomfort.”