The European Commission has adopted proposals12 to amend EC Regulation 1334/2000, which governs controls on the export of dual-use products and technology that would include software and technology that can be used for both civil and military purposes. Amongst the amendments is a change from the previous obligation to obtain prior approval for export to a requirement to notify the authorities in advance of export, a clarification of the rules governing the transfer of intangible dual-use technology and the introduction of criminal penalties for failing to comply with the Regulations. The Commission has produced a Communication explaining the new procedures which can be found at /131827.htm The European Union's Patent Strategy

t the Pan-European Intellectual Property Summit held in Brussels on 7 December 2006, Charles McCreevy, the European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services, announced that the expected Communication on EU Patent Strategy would now be made later in 2007. Matters had been delayed by the failure to reach agreement over adopting the proposed European Patent Litigation Agreement, which was intended to introduce a unified court system and rules of procedure for hearing patent actions in Europe. Commissioner McCreevy warned that current plans to set up an efficient pan-European patent regime were now in danger of collapse.