The Connecticut Insurance Department has issued two bulletins addressing 2016 and 2017 financial reporting requirements for foreign eligible surplus lines insurers and accredited reinsurers. Regarding surplus lines insurers, the department advised that each insurer, before March 1st, must submit a signed report of its financial condition for 2016, and must report their financial condition on a quarterly basis in 2017, including a breakdown of the company’s Connecticut business showing premiums and losses by line. Regarding accredited reinsurers, the department provided that each Connecticut reinsurer: (1) must, before March 1st, submit a signed report of its financial condition for 2016; (2) must file, in addition to the Annual Statement, an actuarial opinion and management discussion and analysis on March 1st and April 1st respectively; (3) need not file quarterly statements unless specifically requested; (4) must file before June 1st, a copy of the company’s independent audit report for 2016; and (5) must file a list of Connecticut insurers ceding business to the accredited reinsurer in 2016. The bulletin also included the March 1st deadline for reinsurance trusts to file documents detailing the balance in the trust and a listing of the trust’s 2016 investments. Finally, managers of non-affiliated reinsurance pools were advised to direct participating companies that are not licensed in Connecticut to file a copy of their Annual Statement with the Connecticut Department. Connecticut Insurance Department Bulletin Numbers FS-4SL-16 & CT Bulletin FS-4AR-16 reinsurer reports 11.28.16 FS-4SL-16 (Nov. 28, 2016).