Pearl Seas Cruises, LLC (“PSC”), a Marshall Islands company whose members are Connecticut residents, petitioned a Connecticut federal district court to vacate a partial final arbitral award issued by a panel of arbitrators in connection with its dispute against Canadian corporation, Irving Shipbuilding Incorporated (“ISI”). ISI moved to dismiss, arguing that the court lacked personal jurisdiction over it and that PSC’s petition was premature because no final arbitration award had been issued yet by the panel. The court held that because ISI’s sales pitch, contract negotiations, and several meetings to resolve issues regarding contract performance occurred in Connecticut, ISI had the required minimum contacts with Connecticut to subject it to the court’s jurisdiction. However, the court held that PSC’s petition was not justiciable because the panel had not yet issued a final arbitral award. Pearl Seas Cruises, LLC v. Irving Shipbuilding, Inc., Case No. 10-1294 (USDC D. Conn. Feb. 9, 2011)