On March 25, 2015, the Single Resolution Board announced its priorities for 2015 following its first plenary meeting. The SRB is part of the Single Resolution Mechanism in the Eurozone and will have the powers of a resolution authority under the Banking Recovery and Resolution Directive. The SRM is part of the Banking Union and therefore the SRB will only have powers over Eurozone banks or banks in those Member States that opt into the Banking Union. The SRB’s priorities in 2015 will be to (i) establish cooperation with key stakeholders and international partners; (ii) set standards for credible resolution plans; and (iii) focus on resolution planning, including at an international level, to address obstacles to resolution. The SRB will have full powers by 2016 to carry out its resolution powers.

The SRB announcement is available at: http://srb.europa.eu/docs/20150325-press-release_en.pdf