The Town of Fishers currently is considering a new downtown development code. If adopted, the code will regulate development and architectural standards for new development projects located in the downtown Nickel Plate District.

This week, the Department of Community Development presented a preliminary draft of the code to members of the town council, plan commission and BZA for comments and feedback. The town council is expected to consider the new code at its October 7, 2013 meeting. The Plan Commission then is expected to conduct a public hearing on the downtown code later this year. The code will not go into effect until formally approved by the town council, following the plan commission public hearing.

If adopted, the code is anticipated to apply to properties located within the highlighted area on the map below. The complete draft proposal can be found here.

Click here to view map.

If adopted, the downtown development code will apply to the neighborhoods highlighted in this diagram. The diagram is an excerpt from the full draft proposal, which can be found on the Town of Fishers website.