Three Italian buyer associations have encouraged EC to examine McDonald's franchise system in the Europe Union, a month after the opening of an EU investigation into the U.S. fast food organization's assessment manages Luxembourg on January 12, 2016. anti-competitive contracts.

Codacons, Movimento Difesa del Cittadino and Cittadinanzattiva recorded their grievance with the EC, encouraging the EC to investigate the allegedly

It was alleged that the franchise contracts of McDonald's contain unfair terms and conditions without justification and hinder franchisees from switching to competitors. McDonald's allegedly activities an over the top and unbalanced control on its franchisees such requirement that licensees lease premises from McDonald's at above-market rates.

It said the restrictions restrict competition and lead to customers paying higher costs in franchised eateries. It referred to a review which indicated 97 percent of menu items cost more in establishments than in organization worked outlets in Bologna, while in Rome the figure was 68 percent and in Paris 71 percent.