Pursuant to a confidentiality order entered by the federal district court, Everest National Insurance Company and Everest Reinsurance Company produced trade secrets, claims data, and other confidential information to Centrix Consolidated LLC and other parties to the litigation. Centrix, concurrently involved in liquidation proceedings in bankruptcy court, was served with a document request by the liquidating trustee for all documents produced in the Everest case, including all documents designated as confidential under the court’s protective order. Centrix looked to the court that had issued the confidentiality order for guidance on how to proceed. The court refused to modify its confidentiality order, finding that Everest had a legitimate business interest in maintaining the confidentiality of the requested documents. Everest Nat’l Ins. Co. v. Sutton, Case No. 07-722 (USDC D.N.J. Oct. 28, 2010).