In response to recent world events, over 2,000 members of the Canadian tech community – and counting – have published an open letter voicing support for more inclusive immigration policies. Its signatories “stand directly opposed to any and all laws that undermine or attack inclusion, and call on Prime Minister Trudeau and our political leaders to do the same”.

Signatories to the letter come from all over the sector, including staff and C-suite executives from early-stage companies, as well as public tech giants, VCs (including a full-length response from the Canadian Venture Capital Association), funders, incubators and professional service firms that support the sector.

StartupSource has recently written about the potential implications of a Trump presidency for Canadian startups, suggesting that U.S. policies which suppress the free flow of talent could be a boon for Canada, but perhaps a net loss for the sector more generally. The open letter echoes this concern, stressing the importance of a prompt reaction from policymakers to mitigate the negative impact of anti-mobility policies on the Canadian tech sector – both in economic and humanitarian terms.

It’s also a remarkable solidarity that shows one of the Canadian startup economy’s biggest advantages – it’s a tight, collaborative community that embraces diversity.

To add your name as a signatory to this letter, click here.