Seyfarth Synopsis: In another example of OSHA’s refocus it has dropped from its home page the prominently placed listing of Worker Fatalities.

We have blogged previously on changes to OSHA under the Trump Administration. See for instance OSHA Schedules First “Safe + Sound Week”, OSHA “Removes” Late Term Rule Which Allowed OSHA to Cite Injury Recordkeeping Violations Going Back Five-Years, and OSHA Rescinds its Union Non-Employee “Walk-Around” Rights Interpretation.

For the past several years, OSHA had maintained a running list of workers killed on the job. Near the top of its Internet home page, the list included deaths reported to OSHA, regardless of whether any OSHA violations were associated with the fatalities.

An example of that OSHA workplace fatalities notice is shown here:

While any fatality is a tragedy, OSHA’s list could be misleading. Hence, OSHA has removed from front and center this list of workplace fatalities. The list now, off the home page, only includes items related to OSHA inspections.