The Legal Ombudsman has published its Strategy for 2015-2017 and Business Priorities for 2015-2016.

The Ombudsman’s four key priorities are to:

  • Continue to improve its efficiency.
  • Implement agreed changes to their jurisdiction.
  • Help create an improved legal complaints handling system.
  • Disseminate lessons learnt more widely.

The publication also reflects the recent expansion of the Ombudsman’s remit to handle complaints about claims management companies (CMCs), which is shown in the expected deliverables for the Ombudsman in 2015-16, which include:

  • Effective and efficient handling of approximately 7,600 legal complaints and approximately 3,000 CMC complaints;
  • Changes to the Scheme Rules and processes to align them with the EU ADR Directive;
  • Development of a more diverse, non-discriminatory and innovative service offering, including options for effective earlier intervention such as mediation, arbitration and first-tier complaint support; and
  • Further enhancements to the website and online channels.