A hearing by a board of elections on challenges to voter eligibility is a quasi-judicial hearing and therefore not subject to Ohio’s Sunshine Law (RC Section 121.22). State ex rel. Ross v. Crawford Cty. Bd. of Elections, 125 Ohio St. 3d 438

A county sheriff may not move his office to a location outside the county seat of justice, and may not maintain his primary office in the county seat of justice and an operations center outside the county seat of justice. 2010 Op. Att’y General No. 2010-013

A county employee’s health insurance premium may be paid from special fund monies in the same proportion that the employee’s salary is eligible to be paid from those special fund monies. Alternatively, a county employee’s health insurance premium may be paid entirely from the county general fund. 2010 Op. Att’y General No. 2010-017

A board of health of a general health district has authority to require that a household sewage disposal system be directly connected to a sanitary sewerage system whenever a sanitary sewerage system becomes accessible to a property; it may grant a variance from that requirement, on a case-by-case basis, under certain circumstances. 2010 Op. Att’y General No. 2010-019. NOTE: See also the summary of Amended Substitute Senate Bill No. 110 under Recent Legislation of Interest above.

Bulletin 2010-003 issued by the State Auditor on July 16, 2010 deals with accounting issues related to Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and TIF Service Payments. The Bulletin describes how a typical TIF operates under Ohio law, funds that Ohio law may require to account for TIF Service Payments and TIF activity, and acceptable accounting and financial reporting for cash, budgetary and GAAP bases.