The UK Border Agency (UKBA) has been censured following an incident in November 2009 which could have led to the explosion of military ammunition at Robin Hood Airport. A flight carrying anti tank ammunition was selected for checks by the UKBA and was moved to a separate part of the site due to its hazardous cargo. Despite the pilot warning the workers of the explosive nature of the cargo and confirming that the crates should not be examined, the workers ignored those warnings and began opening the crates which contained live rounds. Explosives were removed from three separate layers of packaging which exposed live rounds while ten people were present.

The subsequent health and safety investigation found that the UKBA had created a significant risk to those present as well as the public in general, as the ammunition would detonate if dropped and they had not carried out a proper risk assessment. At a Crown Censure meeting, the UKBA accepted that it had breached s 2(1) and 3(1) HSWA. UKBA has subsequently confirmed that it had made significant changes to the way it manages health and safety to avoid a similar incident in future.