Law No. 26,967 created the seal “ALIMENTOS ARGENTINOS UNA ELECCION NATURAL” and its English version “ARGENTINE FOOD A NATURAL CHOICE”. In turn, the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing approved the Geographical Indication “CORDERO PATAGÓNICO”.

1. Law No. 26,967: “Argentine Food A Natural Choice” Seal

On September 1, 2014, Law No. 26,967 was published in the Official Gazette. The new law creates the trademark and seal “ALIMENTOS ARGENTINOS UNA ELECCION NATURAL” and its English version "ARGENTINE FOOD A NATURAL CHOICE".

The “seal” and its English version had been originally created by Resolution No. 392/1995 of the former Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing and Food, and by Law No. 26,967 legal hierarchy is awarded. Their designs are the following:

The main aim of the law is to promote the distinction of food products of those manufacturers who voluntarily apply for their use, by certifying their quality, authenticity and originality.

Furthermore, the “seal” will ensure that the products identified with “ALIMENTOS ARGENTINOS UNA ELECCION NATURAL” and/or its English version, are produced and have complied with certain conditions stated by the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing.

The Argentine Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing will be the authority in charge to grant the authorization to use the trademark and seal as well as its English version to individuals or legal entities whose products meet the proper requirements. The right to use the trademark or “seal” shall be granted free of charge, non-exclusively and for a term of 2 years, renewable for the same period of time.

Moreover, the law also creates the "ARGENTINE FOOD" award, to be given every year in relation to products with the right to use the trademark "ALIMENTOS ARGENTINOS UNA ELECCION NATURAL " and/or its English version, and recognized by their quality, technological innovation, market positioning, and which are useful to promote social, cultural and natural aspects of the manufacturing and production processes..


The Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing has issued Resolution No. 326/2014, published in the Official Gazette on September 17, 2014, by which the Geographical Indication (GI) “CORDERO PATAGÓNICO” and its Production Protocol were registered and approved.

“Cordero patagónico” which is distinguished with the registered GI, is a Patagonian lamb that is raised and produced in the provinces of Argentine Patagonia.

The Resolution provides:

  1. To grant the right of use of the GI "CORDERO PATAGÓNICO" once the respective Regulatory Council of such GI and its regulations of use are created.
  2. That the respective Councils of the Provinces involved should create a Regional Committee of the GI "CORDERO PATAGÓNICO" formed by one (1) representative from each of the provinces requesting the right of use.
  3. To approve the logo under which the product covered by the IG "CORDERO PATAGÓNICO" will be commercialized, which must include the number and year of this resolution.
  4. That it will be mandatory to use the Geographical Indication distinctive sign approved by Resolution No. 546/2011 of the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing (please see "Geographical Indications of Agricultural and Food Products" in Marval News #109 of September 30, 2011) with the products identified with the GI "CORDERO PATAGÓNICO".
  5. That on each November 1st, the corresponding Provincial Councils must file the annual affidavit of the estimated volume of the products to be commercialized with the GI “CORDERO PATAGÓNICO”.

This is the fourth GI that has been recognized for agricultural and food products since the protection of Geographical Indications and Appellations of Origin was established according to Law No. 25,380 (2001), as modified by Law No. 25,966 (2004).