On September 8, 2011, Uniteam Marine Shipping GmbH was sentenced to pay a monetary penalty of $800,000 and serve a three year probation period, after pleading guilty in federal court to maintaining a false oil record book and making false statements to Coast Guard officials on board the container vessel CCNI Vado Ligure. During a port state control boarding in May 2010, Coast Guard officers found an excessive amount of oil throughout the engineering spaces, and found oil in the discharge lines for the oil water separator. The investigation ultimately concluded that ship personnel were bypassing the oil content monitor to discharge oily water from the bilges. In addition to the $600,000 criminal fine and $200,000 community service payment to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the company must carry out an "Advanced Training and Verification Program" that includes "ethics" training for all personnel. The Program also includes an "Environmental Management System" that is generally the same as the "Environmental Compliance Plans" typically imposed by courts in such cases. Interestingly, although Uniteam is a large multinational ship management company whose clients include Rickmers, Maersk, and others, the Program filed with the court lists only four vessels, one of which, the CCNI Vado Ligure, has already been withdrawn from Uniteam management. Copies of the Plea Agreement and Advanced Training and Verification Program are attached.