In the Official Journal number 203, volume 425, of October 29, 2019, the new Special Regulation on Wastewater and Sludge Management was published, repealing the previous one, which was in force since 2000. This reform intends to homogenize the regulations regarding wastewater treatment. 

It should be clarified that this new regulation is different from the Technical Wastewater Regulation approved and published in May of this year. The Special Regulation derives directly from the Environmental Law, while the Technical Regulation originates from the Special Regulation of Technical Standards for Environmental Quality. 

The Special Regulation, unlike the Technical Regulation, makes a new classification of sewage sludge: hazardous sludge and non-hazardous sludge. This classification becomes important in determining the type of disposal that will be given to sludge, since the provisions established in the Special Regulation on Hazardous Substances, Residues and Waste should be applied to hazardous sludge. 

Among the new features of the regulation are changes in the mandatory analyzes for ordinary and special waters; modification in types of reuses, including industrial reuse; inclusion of the chain of custody for the samples taken; obligation to carry out test protocol before a treatment plant starts operations; and regulation of waste sludge management. 

The regulation entered into force eight days after its publication in the Official Journal, that is, on November 6, 2019.