FINRA, which serves as the operator of the IARD system, has introduced a new account certification process for those investment advisers with more than one IARD user account. Starting this year, FINRA will designate a 30-day period in the fourth quarter of each year during which the Super Account Administrators (SAA) (each firm’s user with administrator access to all applications and privileges of the firm’s account) must review their firm’s user accounts and certify that (i) each current user has a continuing need to access the account on the firm’s behalf; (ii) each current user is entitled only to the applications and privileges needed to perform their current job responsibilities; and (iii) only those users who require access to sensitive and confidential information are entitled to this access. If an SAA fails to complete this certification process, FINRA will disable the firm’s ability to edit or create firm user accounts. Click here for the related FINRA Notice.