Following proposals to simplify health and safety requirements stemming from Lord Young’s review “Common Sense, Common Safety”, the HSE have opened a 12 week consultation regarding RIDDOR. This represents a wider review after requests for further consideration during the earlier consultation regarding the extension of the time off work required to prompt a notification from 3 to 7 days. The main intention of the proposals is to reduce the number of incidents reported under RIDDOR and outlines a range of instances where reports would no longer need to be reported:

  • Occupational disease unless arising from work-related exposure to a biological agent
  • Non-fatal accidents involving people not at work
  • Dangerous occurrences outside high risk sectors or activities
  • The reporting of self-employed people for injuries sustained to themselves

The HSE have indicated that by streamlining the types of incident that need to be reported, investigating authorities can focus on the more serious incidents. They have also confirmed that for certain types of incident relevant information can often be better obtained from other sources (eg The Health and Occupation Reporting Network where diseases and medical conditions are reported by medical professionals).

The consultation closes on 28 October and a link to the consultation documents can be found at