The UN Security Council (“UNSC“) yesterday lifted its arms embargo on non-state actors in Liberia, terminating the remainder of its Liberian sanctions regime (UNSC Resolution 2288 (2016) (“UNSCR 2288“)), and dissolved the UN Liberia Sanctions Committee and Panel of Experts with immediate effect. UNSCR 2288 welcomes the sustained progress made by the Liberian government in rebuilding Liberia following the 2003 civil war, and recalls the UNSC’s determination to terminate sanctions upon full implementation of the provisions of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (signed on 18 August 2003 by the Liberian government, rebel groups, political parties and civil society leaders) and sufficient stability and security of the wider region. Welcoming the adoption of UNSC 2288, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on the Liberian government to establish the necessary legal and administrative framework to combat the illicit trafficking of arms and ammunition.