Employers have until March 31. No comp data required.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced yesterday that its web portal for submission of 2017 EEO-1 Reports is now open and accepting reports.

Employers have until March 31 to submit data from a "snapshot" taken during October-December 2017.

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Are you prepared to file your EEO-1 Report?

EEO-1 "pay data" requirement is on hold

Although the EEOC was going to require employers to submit compensation data by pay band and EEO category -- as well as race, ethnicity, and sex -- that is no longer the case. Now, employers will report the same EEO-1 information they have always reported. The only differences are the new snapshot period and the new reporting deadline.

Employers who are required to submit EEO-1 reports must include the number of employees by race, ethnicity, and sex, in each of the 10 EEO job categories.