The Management Board of the Sea Port in Gdańsk is planning to implement the Central Port in Gdańsk investment in the public-private partnerships model. The undertaking will be performed in two stages. First, the MBSPG intends to deliver access infrastructure, which is currently under construction. The construction phase will be the next step. The MBSPG declares that one or two terminals should be ready within 5 years. The value of the investment amounts to approximately PLN 6-9 mln.

The Central Port will consist of a number of piers and terminals. The MBSPG has stated that each new terminal will be managed by an operator – the types of terminals and piers will depend on the market. As the public partner, the MBSPG will be obliged to construct the access infrastructure, and the private partner’s task will be to finance the construction of particular terminals and probably to operate the new infrastructure.

Taking into account the competition with Baltic and Northern Sea ports, it is important that the project is conducted efficiently and as fast as possible. According to the MBSPG’s declarations, the investment is intended to attract customers from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine.