Police have launched a new investigation into child abuse at Chelmsford Hall in Eastbourne.

This school has now closed but the investigation was instigated following writer Diane Esguerra’s allegations concerning the sexual abuse of her son Sacha at the school. Sadly, Sacha became addicted to heroin and he suffered a fatal overdose when he was 30 years old.

Ms Esguerra made comments to The Mail on Sunday in August 2015 and this apparently resulted in a number of former pupils disclosing their abuse at the school to the police. The Mail on Sunday understands that there is a suggesting the alleged abuse at Chelmsford Hall may be connected to the sexual abuse that took place at Nick Clegg’s ex-prep school, Caldicott School in Buckinghamshire.

A spokesperson from Sussex police has confirmed they are investigating a number of allegations of assaults on boys by staff at Chelmsford Hall.